Thursday, 1 October 2009

rag quilt done

Well after much snipping I have finally got the rag quilt finished for a first birthday present. I am really pleased with how it has turned out but it was a lot of work - more than I was expecting! Cutting out all the squares (top, wadding and backing fabric) was a bit of a pain. Thanks must go to Katy - she sent me lots of wadding scraps a while ago which I was able to use in this quilt.
I am going to give it another wash and tumble dry just to fluff out the raggedy bits even more before going on to my next challenge - quilts for twin boys by the end of October - eek!



  1. What a beautiful birthday present! I like the red and pink spots between the blue squares.

  2. Very pretty Jo -- I love the red and blue!

  3. I love how it turned out. It makes me want to make one. I have been saving jeans for a project like this. Now if I could only gather up the courage to cut into those horded pairs of jeans!