Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bee Blocks Galore!

I have just finished six blocks for the 3x6 mini bee I joined. The idea is that we are in 'beehives' of seven people, and we make the same block for everyone in the group. We were all able to specify particular colours, likes and dislikes but the block itself and the fabric used will be a surprise. I requested a mix of fabric and patterns as I would like to make an eye spy quilt for my little one. For my six blocks to send out I decided to try stripes. I am really happy with the results!

Requested: grey, pink, white

Requested: green and turquoise

Requested: red, white, aqua

Requested: a rainbow with critters!

Requested: blue, green, orange, white and yellow

Requested: a rainbow, no orange

I got these six blocks completed in four days and have loved seeing how the same design can look so different depending on the fabrics used. As well as sewing I have been counting my blessings over the past week. Haiti is a sharp reminder to give thanks for so many good things in my life and never to take it for granted.

If that wasn't enough sewing I also completed two blocks for another quilting bee I am in. I think I am going to give my sewing machine the day off tomorrow!

Monday, 11 January 2010

snow and sewing

The midlands finally got to see some snow and I had a snow day! There was sledging, snowball fights and a fire to keep us warm in the evening. I have had a little play on my new machine but have yet to try FMQ - I am saving that for when I have a couple of quiet hours free from child interruptions!

I completed my Euro Bee blocks and played around with the blocks I have already received for my month of the My First Quilting Bee I am part of.

My plan is to make a wall hanging to brighten up this very dull part of my upstairs landing:

Finally I will leave you with a couple of photos of the wonkiest icicle I have ever seen, growing on the edge of a drainpipe. It reminded me of a stalactite. I hope my fellow UK readers are enjoying the snow as well!

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Happy New Year to you all! I hope it proves to be a good one for everyone. I had an eventful Christmas break with many excitements and changes. My youngest son took his first steps and is now the proud owner of his first pair of shoes! He also had his final feed from me. He had got down to a morning snuggle and nurse a couple of weeks ago and just before new year he decided that he didn't need my milk any more. As those of you who have nursed babies know, it is a really bittersweet moment. Pride at seeing him moving on and growing up, satisfaction at a job well done and a twinge of sadness that he will never need me in quilte the same way again. I must admit I am looking forward to wearing something other than feeding bras again however - they are not the most attractive of contraptions! Maybe Thimbleanna could help me out - I seem to remember she had a few spare a while back!
The other big excitemet was the arrival of a lovely shiny new sewing machine. My mother in law upgraded her machine and asked me if I wanted the old one. I couldn't believe it when she turned up with an Elna 6200 for me! I am very lucky to have such a lovely mother in law who shares my passion for all things sewing as well. The thing I like best is that we are both very different - she likes more traditional fabric and designs and does a lot of hand quilting and applique. I get to see a very different side to sewing via her work.

The best thing about my new baby is that I will be able to try free motion quilting - something beyond the abilities of my old singer. I have ordered a darning foot and cannot wait to have a go - oh the possibilities!

I have managed to have a few goes on my new machine and I made a dolls quilt and pillow and my first ever soft toy, known as the purple thing. Purple is the colour of the moment for me as I also made a purple square for this bee.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and thank you so much for stopping by my little blog!