Sunday, 30 August 2009

giveaway winners

Well as only two people entered my giveaway I have decided that I couldn't possibly choose between you, so you are both winners! Renee and Lisa, I have sent you an email so if you could please send me your addresses I will pop your goodies in the post! ( I will split the giveaway in two then add a few extra bits as well). Congratulations and thanks for stopping by :-)

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I thought I would have a little giveaway - no real reason, just because I felt like it! The following goodies are up for grabs. (Please excuse the photos - it is raining and pouring at the moment so the light is terrible).
Firstly a couple of origami fat quarters by Paula Ozier.

Secondly a leftover square made for my 'dancing leaves' quilt. I have no idea what to do with this so thought that someone somewhere might be able to use it!

Finally some scrappy bits of grey leaves again left over from my grey and lilac quilt.

If you would like to enter please say hello! I will post all over the world and will leave comments open until Sunday morning UK time.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

festival of quilts

I went to the festival of quilts today at the NEC. I am really lucky - I only live 15 mins away by car. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no pictures of the amazing quilts on display - boo! There were of course endless shops full of all manner of goodies, droolworthy sewing machines, interesting gadgets and endless quilting books and patterns to enjoy. I found some new bits to add to my growing aqua and red stash:

and some Paula Prass cobblestones just because:

I have however come away from the show not exactly disappointed but a bit unfulfilled I suppose (sounds a bit melodramatic - I still had a really fun day!). I think it was because much of the fabric was very traditional (nothing wrong with that - it's just not always my thing) and lots of it was fabric and designers I could get easily online. There was very little in the way of new, rare or unusual. I did however find this UK designer and fell in love with her origami fabric. Isn't it great!

I am off with the family camping and LARPing. I have been busy making costume for my son over the last few days but ran out of time for photos. I will have to take some whilst we are away. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

euro bee

Well these are my first ever squares for a quilting bee. I was invited by Hanies to join one based in Europe and jumped at the chance. There are twelve of us from Germany, the UK, Denmark and Portugal. It was a bit nerve wracking cutting into fabric belonging to someone else but once I got going I loved the challenge.

These blocks are made using Lizzy Dish fabric and are for Isa. My round is not until August next year which is fine by me. I would prefer to have the chance to make a few blocks first and get a feel for how much fabric to send out to people before I have to organise a round (and choose and idea for a quilt!) Our progress is being recorded on our Flickr group. I also decided to post a photo of the back of one of my squares..... I don't know any 'real life' quilters so have no idea what a good back should look like! I am guessing mine is messier than some and tidier than others! I am sure it will get neater with practice.

Finally, have a look at this new fabric line designed by Jessica over at Juicy Bits. It looks wonderful and I hope some of it ends up in the UK!

Friday, 7 August 2009

leaf and lilac quilt

My first improv style quilt! I love the colour combination and the fabric (from IKEA) but think the fussy cut leaves get a bit lost amongst the overall quilt.

If I did this again I would add an extra layer of square round the lilac one, possibly in white or black.

I am feeling all quilted out as I have made a couple in very quick sucession. I am going to stop with the quilts for a bit and instead make some smaller things including pincushions, chair covers and blocks for my quilting bee (more about that soon!)

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Here it is, my prints charming quilt completed. I am very pleased with it, and my niece seemed to like it too. Not that a three month old can express an opinion, but she was certainly transfixed by all the colours and patterns!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Prints Charming

I have finally done it. After weeks of stroking and admiring I cut into my stash of prints charming and started sewing. It is destined to be a little quilt for my baby niece. I may have a hard time giving it up however. I adore this fabric. What is it about Australia? Is there something in the water? There are the most amazing designers out there coming up with the most wonderful fabric. I have just come across Saffron Craig and I NEED some of her dandelion circles fabric to go with my Prints Charming baby paisley in taupe. Luckily I have found a shop in the UK that sells it so if money allows this month I will be getting some. I am off visiting family in Devon for a few days so am taking a quilt to finish off -there is just the hand sewn bit of the binding to go on my grey and lilac quilt. See you next week!