Sunday, 27 September 2009


Well it has been a crazy hectic couple of weeks. After my last post bemoaning the fact that I had no time or space to get any sewing done the situation got even worse - the school I teach at had an OFSTED inspection. Well I say the school - it was actually just the department I teach in! OFSTED inspections only give you a few days warning before they drop in so I have been beyond busy as I am sure you can imagine. Everything went well and we got a great report so we are all very happy.
The relief at reaching the end of last week was immense and I have finally been able to have a nice relaxing weekend full of walks, conker hunting and sewing - yay!
This is my rag quilt in the making for a baby boy - his first birthday present in fact. My plan is to get it finished by Thursday so that I can sit and watch TV in the evening and do all the snipping. Have a good week everyone.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

not much sewing but lots of growing!

Now I am back at work full time after my maternity leave I am finding it really difficult to get any sewing done. A lack of time, motivation (I am shattered come 7 pm when the boys are in bed) and space are all adding to the problem. I don't have anywhere just for me to sew - I have to make do with the kitchen table which of course needs clearing for meals. So whilst I am itching to get on with my list of projects nothing much is actually happening. I am hoping that as work settles down a bit more and I get used to it again I will find some space to get going once more. I have to get a quilt made for the middle of October for a first birthday, followed by two more for twins by November. Eeek! I really need to get in the zone again!

On a much more satisfying note, here is my haul from the allotment this morning - we are having a roast for dinner with all the trimmings. The red potatoes are Roosters and make the best roasties ever. Tea today will be yummy!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

mini projects in progress

I have had very little time for sewing over the last few weeks. I have loads of quilts I would like to make but cannot seem to get started on them. Instead I decided to have a go making a couple of smaller things, so have been doing a couple of mini projects on and off in odd ten minutes here and there. My first will become a furoshiki once it is backed. I plan to use it for taking my lunch to work.

Secondly I have been experimenting with bleach painting again and plan to turn this into a chair cover.

The above photos were taken outside on a wet and windy evening in Warwickshire. Here are a couple of shots of the sky just as I was finishing - the colours are amazing!