Wednesday, 14 October 2009

lovely stuff

I am having a really productive week spurred on by the fact that I have two quilts to finish by next week! They are a pair of cot sized quilts for twins. The first one is orange and brown and is being quilted at the moment:

The second is green and blue and here is the binding ready for folding and ironing:

I also made my block for the Euro Bee, but please excuse the terrible photo:

I am starting to feel like my sewing groove is coming back!


  1. Ooooh, looking good Jo. And eeek! You have some of the coveted goldfish fabric!

  2. the orange and brown quilt looks really lovely Jo, I see where some of the pieces you gave me came from now! And so glad you are back in the groove - yey!!

  3. You are realy hard working - I mean hard sewing! I am anxious to see the results. How do you get member at Euro Bee? Can some one like me get a member - maybe next year -too??