Wednesday, 24 August 2011


So the summer is rushing past in a haze of paddling in the sea, swimming, allotmenting, pottering and playing! We are squeezing a lot into our last week and a half until school starts again, but I wanted to share with you a completed project. Gasp - I know, I amazed myself as it seems that all I have done recently is show bee blocks! These quilts are for twins and were made from a fabric swap over on Flickr. They are ABC quilts so 26 of the blocks are showing letters of the alphabet. I had to make a couple of changes as the swaps were US based so the fabric reflected that. For example, the kitten fabric you can see came as Y for yarn. I swapped a plain piece of purple that was sent as 'eggplant' colour and a couple more like that. I am really pleased with them - different enough to be unique to each twin but alike enough to stop fights I hope!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

busy doing nothing

Well nothing blog related that is! I always knew I would be a sporadic and occasional blogger but only three posts this year? Oops! I am very busy with work, family and the allotment so sewing has come last place of late. Bee blocks are still being made, which will result in enough blocks to make at least two if not three quilts in the winter when outdoor demands are a lot less.

Here are a few blocks - all bee ones apart from the scrappy 2 inch square block. This is a very long term project to try and bring control to my stash and use up all those scraps!

Well I am not sure when I will be back - I might try to manage two posts in July but no promises :-)

Monday, 25 April 2011


Easter has been lovely - weather perfect, time to relax, family visited, allotment planted and of course some sewing done. All the above are bee blocks made using this tutorial. I am back at work tomorrow for just three days before a four day weekend. Hurrah for Kate and William getting married and giving us the day off! The bunting is going up tomorrow :-)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Happiness is.....

An Orla bag from TESCO:

Potatoes chitting on windowsills all over the house:

A Tag Square Bee block made and posted:

My first Project Linus quilt of the year complete:

Sunday, 13 February 2011

time flies

So it would appear that I haven't posted since just before Christmas! What can I say? Time goes way too fast. Apart from over the last two weeks when both my boys came down with chicken pox. Then it went a bit slower. Especially at night. Poor old Itchy and Scratchy, they had a rough time of it! Sewing has been limited - I think I burnt out after my crazy quiltathon just before Christmas. The quilts were well recieved by both the boys and are in use every day, which makes me feel very happy! Here is my only offering from the past month and a half - blocks for the 3x6 quilting bee:

Hopefully things will speed up a bit and I will have something else to show you soon!