Friday, 7 August 2009

leaf and lilac quilt

My first improv style quilt! I love the colour combination and the fabric (from IKEA) but think the fussy cut leaves get a bit lost amongst the overall quilt.

If I did this again I would add an extra layer of square round the lilac one, possibly in white or black.

I am feeling all quilted out as I have made a couple in very quick sucession. I am going to stop with the quilts for a bit and instead make some smaller things including pincushions, chair covers and blocks for my quilting bee (more about that soon!)


  1. Oooh, the gray and lilac together are VERY pretty -- Job Well Done!

  2. yes, the combination is great, i would have never thought of that.
    although i did make a skirt from the grey fabric - and i am still waiting for someone on the streets yelling "that´s from Ikea!" :-)
    love the quilting as well!!

  3. That fabric is beautiful! And IKEA to boot! Love your quilting x