Thursday, 13 August 2009

euro bee

Well these are my first ever squares for a quilting bee. I was invited by Hanies to join one based in Europe and jumped at the chance. There are twelve of us from Germany, the UK, Denmark and Portugal. It was a bit nerve wracking cutting into fabric belonging to someone else but once I got going I loved the challenge.

These blocks are made using Lizzy Dish fabric and are for Isa. My round is not until August next year which is fine by me. I would prefer to have the chance to make a few blocks first and get a feel for how much fabric to send out to people before I have to organise a round (and choose and idea for a quilt!) Our progress is being recorded on our Flickr group. I also decided to post a photo of the back of one of my squares..... I don't know any 'real life' quilters so have no idea what a good back should look like! I am guessing mine is messier than some and tidier than others! I am sure it will get neater with practice.

Finally, have a look at this new fabric line designed by Jessica over at Juicy Bits. It looks wonderful and I hope some of it ends up in the UK!


  1. Oooh, pretty! I think your back looks lovely, and you're a seam open girl! I learned so long ago, when seams were always pressed to one side, so it's fun to see what open seams look like from the back!

  2. crikey - that's the back?

    Well, you're neater than me ;)

    Love your blocks - they look great