Friday, 22 May 2009

a proud moment

I am one happy mummy today. My 5 year old son made his very first quilt! He asked if he could have a go and of course I said yes. He chose all the scraps and arranged the quilt to his own design. He pressed the machine pedal himself but had a bit of help with guiding the fabric and snipping threads. Making me even prouder is that this quilt is for grandma - he wanted to make something special for her. Finally to really make me cry he said 'thank you so much lovely mummy for helping me to sew my lovely quilt!' My first born son is wonderful! His quilt is so much fun - he really enjoyed going through my scraps and building up his quilt a piece at a time.

My second born son and very vocal six month old is also wonderful and for him I made a taggie blanket. I also made one for another six month old baby and a set of twins. These were fun to make!

I have also finished making my offerings for the giveaway day at Sew Mama Sew and have written a tutorial to go alongside. Here is a sneaky peak:

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