Monday, 1 June 2009

nearly there...

My newest quilt is so close to being finished. I just have to complete the quilting and do the binding. Here is the quilt top - it is not a great photo but you can get the idea - lots of pink, red, purple and turquoise - lovely! It is from a tutorial over at Oh, Fransson!

I have also just finished a dolls quilt and pillowcase for a birthday gift. I am very impressed with myself as the birthday is not until the end of June - usually I am finishing things at the last minute!

I am really pleased to be able to take part in the second half of Spring To Finish hosted by Tallgrass Prairie Studio. The idea was to see how many projects you could complete in May. I didn't manage to complete anything in time for the first deadline so am very glad to have made it this time round.

My completed list is:

The boys orange spot quilt
Lots of taggie blankets
Two dolls quilts
Raggedy hearts and tutorial for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway

Not bad at all considering I have been planting up my allotment and looking after a 6 month old at the same time!

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