Friday, 12 June 2009

job done!

Yay! My quilt is done. It is the first top I ever completed and the second I have quilted. I can already see an improvement in the basting, quilting and binding since my first effort. The block desing is from the paintbox tutorial over at Oh, Fransson!

In fact, both my quilts thus far are Elizabeths designs, and I plan on making another of hers next - there is just something about the form and shape of the blocks and patterns I love.
I still have a huge list of projects to do:

Mixtape botanical pop quilt
Flowery ragedy quilt
Rainbow ragedy quilt
Old Red Barn Co quiltalong quilt
Grey and lilac quilt

Plus many, many more ideas as well as an allotment to weed. I better get doing instead of blogging then!


  1. Ooooh, it's beautiful Jo! I love the bright happy colors!

  2. I received my quilted hearts from the May Giveaway. I love them. Thank you. I will hang them on my wall in my bedroom. You can see a picture of me with them on my blog.