Sunday, 13 February 2011

time flies

So it would appear that I haven't posted since just before Christmas! What can I say? Time goes way too fast. Apart from over the last two weeks when both my boys came down with chicken pox. Then it went a bit slower. Especially at night. Poor old Itchy and Scratchy, they had a rough time of it! Sewing has been limited - I think I burnt out after my crazy quiltathon just before Christmas. The quilts were well recieved by both the boys and are in use every day, which makes me feel very happy! Here is my only offering from the past month and a half - blocks for the 3x6 quilting bee:

Hopefully things will speed up a bit and I will have something else to show you soon!


  1. I know what you mean about time flying. I thought 2010 went fast but this year so far - phew!! Love your 3x6 bee blocks and still loving taking part in the Tag Square Bee!
    Teresa x

  2. Wow -- has it been that long? I would have thought just a few weeks -- time DOES fly. And yipee -- you have the chicken pox behind you now!