Wednesday, 24 August 2011


So the summer is rushing past in a haze of paddling in the sea, swimming, allotmenting, pottering and playing! We are squeezing a lot into our last week and a half until school starts again, but I wanted to share with you a completed project. Gasp - I know, I amazed myself as it seems that all I have done recently is show bee blocks! These quilts are for twins and were made from a fabric swap over on Flickr. They are ABC quilts so 26 of the blocks are showing letters of the alphabet. I had to make a couple of changes as the swaps were US based so the fabric reflected that. For example, the kitten fabric you can see came as Y for yarn. I swapped a plain piece of purple that was sent as 'eggplant' colour and a couple more like that. I am really pleased with them - different enough to be unique to each twin but alike enough to stop fights I hope!

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  1. Those are super cute Jo! I like how you considered the twins when you were making them!