Saturday, 11 September 2010

Tag Square Bee

Hello everyone! Thanks for your comments about the bee - I have a had a look at what people thought and have come up with a plan. Here we go:

The name of this bee will be 'Tag Square Bee' and the idea is that we 'tag' different people each month and make a block for them so all bee members end up with enough blocks to make a quilt. Over the year we will make 12 blocks (one a month) for each bee member, using our own fabric and block design but their colour choices. So once a month you will recieve a lovley block that someone else has made for you! The square bit comes in because I thought we could base the blocks on squares. There are so many block designs out there that include squares everyone should be able to find a block that they like making and that is suited to their ability level. It also means that the finished quilt will have an overall theme running through it. You could choose to make the same block each month or use different block designs each month to practice trying new techniques - the choice would be yours.

To summarise:

  • the bee will be made up of 13 quilters
  • start date - November 2010 (this will allow us to finish in November 2011 with enough time to make up our quilts for Christmas 2011! December 2010 however would be missed out - so we would make blocks Nov '10, Jan 11', Feb 11' etc)
  • block design - something including squares, size 12 1/2 inches
  • you use your own stash to make a block each month for a different bee member
  • each month someone makes a block for you using their stash
  • choose the same block to make each month (so just varying the colours and fabrics) or try a new block each month
  • you will need to be a member of Flickr as that is where all photos, instructions, addresses and information will be based. (If you are not a member, don't worry - it is very easy to join!)
  • international quilters and beginners welcome
  • you request a colour combination for your blocks but the design chosen is up to the quilter

    If you are interested please send me an email and I will reserve you a place. If we don't have a full bee after a week or so I will then advertise it on Flickr for more members. Phew! I hope I have explained that alright - if you have any questions just ask! Finally here is a gallery I put together of square based blocks for inspiration. I will set up the official Tag Square Bee Flickr group in the next few days.


  1. I am definitely interested. Can I just check something though, are you saying that the design of the block would be up to the person making it rather than the person whose month it is? Does that mean everyone's quilts will be a mish-mash of different blocks?

  2. Sounds like you have it all organized. I hope you all have a wonderful time and get lots of great blocks!

  3. I'm interested, love the beach hut block btw!