Friday, 3 September 2010

anyone fancy a quilting bee?

I had a go making some placemats and coaters as a housewarming present and was very pleased with how they came out. Putting the binding on the coasters was extremly fiddly however - I am not sure I will be doing that again!

I also made a little bag as the wrapping for a birthday present. No lining, just a sewn square cut with crimping scissors to stop fraying.
Finally a question - anyone fancy a quilting bee? The two I have been in have pretty much come to an end. I thought I would ask here on the blog first before throwing it open to Flickr. I have a few ideas - do any out of the following list appeal?
  • 2011 quilt - each month we make a block for another member of the bee using the month we are in as inspiration and using our own stash.
  • Build a quilt - using our own stash we make a block for one other member each month following guidelines from them (colour, general style etc)
  • Classic bee - one person posts out fabric each month for everyone else to make blocks.
  • Improvtastic - some sort of bee based on improv blocks.

I think my preference is for something that involves bee members using their own stash and making one block a month for someone else. In traditional bees you might have to wait months before it is your go to have pretty blocks arriving in the post, but this way you would get something arriving each month! Let me know if you are interested. It would be open to people worldwide by the way and beginners, so if you have never done a bee before don't be shy!


  1. What a nice idea getting every month a block, but I am not sure if I understand everything. Do I have to sew every month for evry bee member a block or just for one? If you start your bee in January I would like to join..

  2. I would be interested and I'd love to be in a siggy block swap. I'll do a post and send them your way!

  3. I would be interested in the idea of using fabric from your own stash, but can't get my head round how I would get a block every month. I am just doing my first Bee at the moment and still a bit thick about it all! I like the idea of getting access to lots of other bits of fabric and sharing my own though. So email me through my profile if you get it going.

  4. I am a beginner, but I would love to participate! I've always been fascinated by bees, but haven't participated, so I don't know what format I would prefer. I do have a healthy stash that I love to be inspired by, though!

  5. If I understand correctly this would mean one block a month for one other person which sounds do-able. Only problem is I'm a beginner and don't have much variety in my stash as I don't buy much new fabric. Would be fun to take part so I should make the effort - I seem to get more done when I have a deadline too.
    Teresa x