Saturday, 10 July 2010

fabric and flowers

Here are my latest purchases - they all arrived in the post together so I had a lovely 10 minutes opening my parcels and stroking my new fabric!

The plains are from a new online shop Simply Solids. Finally the UK has got somewhere to buy Kona solids from! I also splashed out on a swatch card - a bit pricey at £12 but so worth it. It will earn its keep as I will no longer be wasting money buying plain fabrics only to discover the colour is wrong when they arrive.

My patterned fabrics are from Saints and Pinners and Fabric Rehab - two UK stores always guaranteed to have lots of lovely things to choose from. All in all we are starting to do pretty well as far as shops go. Lily's quilts (another UK blogger) has compiled a list of UK online fabric shops on her blog that is well worth a look - she had a few on her list I had not come across before. Her blog is fab as well!

Finally I picked these flowers on my allotment at 6:30 this morning on an adventure and raspberry munching walk with my two boys (they are both early risers). Some sweet peas, a few sprigs of herbs and wild flowers from my asparagus bed (it really needs a good weed if there are flowers in it!!) Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Lynnes blog is very inspiring as is her search for great UK sites! Love the flowers, but really, 6.30!!! I shall be heading down to my allotment later when it cools off some more for a major watering. Happy quilting!

  2. Buying online is a great way to buy responsibly - no petrol expenses - and also good for the bank balance as you don't get tempted by other things which are in the actual shop!

  3. I've been tempted by the colour card at simply solids this week, I'm glad you think it is worth it.
    I will have to place another order there, and what will I get with it? Decisions, decisions....

  4. Oooooh yum -- looks like you had a fun fondling session. I'm so happy you're getting some fabric options -- I've always wondered how you could afford fabric when shipping is to high!

  5. Great fabric choices! There is nothing like unwrapping lovely new fabric that just arrived in the post - bliss!

  6. Beautiful fabric, and love your quilts, my dear. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!