Sunday, 4 July 2010

dogs and robots

Two finishes in one week - wooh hoo! The quilt is full of some of my favourite fabrics and was a joy to make. It is destined to live in the back of the car along with this one for moments of snuggle on long journeys.

I am officially retiring my UFO list for a while as I have done most of the stuff on it and I have another birthday quilt to make by next Sunday. I am in the quilting zone at the moment and have already made a start on the new quilt. Have a great week everyone - my school is taking part in SHINE - basically a week when students are taken off their normal timetable for sports day, trips, concerts, special assemblies, charity fundraising and the like. It should be hectic but fun!


  1. Very cute quilt - and I love that robot fabric, where is it from?

  2. Well done!! Must feel good. I love the orange and blue together.
    Teresa x

  3. Can I send some of my UFOs to you -- you're on a finishing roll! Congratulations!!! I LOVE this little quilt -- especially that adorable dog fabric!

  4. You are on a roll, well done you!!
    Kate's on an enrichment week at school next week too, I can't figure out what she's doing each day or whether she needs a packed lunch or uniform from one day to the next - thank the gods she knows what she's doing!!
    Looking forward to seeing you next weekend :)