Sunday, 8 November 2009

Gnomes and Spiders

My sewing machine is poorly. I don't think it is terminal but a short stay at the Singer shop for some treatment may be in order. My lovely other half spent an hour trying to make it run again but something somewhere inside keeps sticking as the needle rises. Luckily a friend has a sewing machine that she only uses once or twice a year so I have borrowed hers on a long loan until I can get mine fixed. After faffing about for a while getting to know the new machine I managed to complete my mini gnome quilt. I was lucky enough to be sent some squares of Heather Ross by this lovely lady and when I saw the gnomes I just had to make something with them.

I am so pleased with how this turned out. I only had a small square of the gnome fabric, but it went a long way! I have no one in mind for this quilt - I made it on a whim and I really enjoyed not having a deadline to meet or a person to make for. I am going to hang it on my wall for a while before deciding what to do with it.

The backing fabric is from the children's section of IKEA.

I also completed my spider web block for the Euro Bee. If you fancy having a go making one here is the tutorial.


  1. Your gnome quilt is adorable! I love those Heather Ross prints -- I wish they weren't so hard to get!

  2. love those gnomes...i need to get to using mine! cute spiderweb block too!

  3. Ooooh - I LOVE that spider block! I really have to stop being afraid of them. Those fabrics are gorgeous!