Friday, 20 November 2009

a big disaster

Well at first glance it might not look so bad, but look closer..... see the big, glaring mistakes? Four of them? Yep it all went pear shaped. I cut it all out, happily sewed it together, ironed it and prepared to sew the quarters together before noticing that the sides of the spotty triangle were not even. Much cursing and sewing later I managed to just about save the square. In amongst all blue language flying about I was struck by how unimaginative our swear words are, so decided to look to the Bard for inspiration via the Shakespeare Insults Generator. 'Thou creeping shag-haired measle' was a much more satisfying way of letting that block know what I thought of it!

My wonky star Christmas quilt is slowly taking shape - a bit too slowly at the moment, I need to speed up!


  1. you've rescued that as well as you could have, and you can't see it in the pic without peering so alls well that ends well I suppose! The porfanities on the otherhand are A1, perfection, have a smily face sticker :)

  2. You're so funny! I sure can't see what's wrong with it -- it looks good from here!

  3. Sorry to hear you've had a tough time with your block. It's a horrible feeling. I think you've done a great job saving it.

    Like the link...I might try some of those out! LOL

  4. I did not even start with a christmas project.. I think the spider web is realy tricky - you did a good job.