Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween and harvest

So I have finally gathered in all the pumpkin and squash from the allotment - don't they look pretty?

I made a table runner for Halloween. I am not a huge fan of orange and black, but adding the purple works really well! We don't go trick or treating but always light a fire, have a lantern and a special meal. (usually a Chinese - not very traditional I know but our favourite!) When I was growing up the lantern was always a swede picked from the field next to the house (my dad was a farmer). Boy oh boy they were hard to carve! I always kept the swede carving tradition going when I left home, but when I got an allotment I did decide that as long as I had grown the pumpkin myself I could use one! So the last couple of years we have had pumpkin lanterns, much to my relief :-)

Finally here is some vintage bunting I was lucky enough to find at a car boot sale in the summer. The youngest it can be is from the 1950's as one of the flags is an Australian flag with a red background instead of the blue we see today. Apparently the red background was used in Australia a fair bit during the first world war but by the 1950's the blue one had become the main flag. Fascinating stuff! I love to think that those little flags might have been used in a village hall to celebrate the end of the war, summer fairs, Christmas, the coronation.... the list goes on! The bunting was damp and covered in mildew when I got it, but after a very gentle hand wash it came up good. I am going to turn a number of the flags (some of them are damaged) into a patchwork cushion for my sister and brother in law. Watch this space!


  1. I love the picture of the squashes. Very seasonal.

  2. Oooh your autumn crop is gorgeous! I am v jealous of the bunting, how exciting to think of how it might have been used. must have been kept boxed up or something it isn't at all faded. Congrats on such a great find!

  3. They were talking on Countryfile last night about how people used to carve swedes and I thought it must have been pretty difficult to do!!
    Teresa x

  4. Hello
    I am looking for an image of vintage bunting for a jubilee magazine cover ... can I borrow yours, or use a picture of it?
    Please let me know asap!