Monday, 11 January 2010

snow and sewing

The midlands finally got to see some snow and I had a snow day! There was sledging, snowball fights and a fire to keep us warm in the evening. I have had a little play on my new machine but have yet to try FMQ - I am saving that for when I have a couple of quiet hours free from child interruptions!

I completed my Euro Bee blocks and played around with the blocks I have already received for my month of the My First Quilting Bee I am part of.

My plan is to make a wall hanging to brighten up this very dull part of my upstairs landing:

Finally I will leave you with a couple of photos of the wonkiest icicle I have ever seen, growing on the edge of a drainpipe. It reminded me of a stalactite. I hope my fellow UK readers are enjoying the snow as well!


  1. Great Blocks! The snow has almost gone here, but I did manage a little snow dyeing :) Great fun! The icicle is amaizing! I;ve nver seen one that wonky before, very improv!

  2. Wow those icicles are wonky! I really like your blocks!! :D

  3. The snow is slowly going from around here but we've got more forecast for this afternoon onwards! I like the red and green blocks best but they're all great.

  4. I wish we could experience the season like you do. We just have hot and cold here. But it's not even cold. Today was 72 degrees.

    I am loving your blocks!