Monday, 20 July 2009


I am easily distracted. My plan to work on my new purple and grey quilt went out the window and instead I have been having lots of fun playing with colour. I am part of this Flickr group and have been inspired by some of the wonderful ways people have been experimenting with changing fabric. Last night I had an idea to paint bleach onto fabric, so this morning I did just that! I am really happy with the results but would go for a thinner brush next time. I only had a chunky one belonging to my son to experiment with.

All I did was make up a water and bleach mixture and then paint it onto plain coloured cotton. If it did not change the colour enough I went over it again with neat bleach and left to develop for a while. Everything was then popped in the washing machine. I will be turning the results into a wall hanging of some description.

I also finished off this rag quilt for a 5th birthday present. Tomorrow I will be back on track with my purple/grey quilt, unless late night inspiration strikes again!


  1. Its great! I like your Blog and your Quilts, I will come back again.

  2. I saw the picture of your painting with bleach quilt on Flickr's "Last 7 Days Interesting" and realized it had been chosen by their search engine. Congrats!