Wednesday, 22 April 2009

first post I suppose....

I have always said that I would never have a blog as I would end up spending what little spare time I have writing it instead of making the things I would want to blog about! However here I am. Three things made me change my mind. Firstly it seems to be a lot easier to leave comments on other peoples blogs if you have a blog of your own. Secondly some things can only be participated in if you have a blog (e.g. this virtual quilting festival hosted by Park City Girl) and thirdly and most importantly is the desire to pass on the good stuff. In a karmic sort of way I hope to be able to pay back some of the wealth of knowledge and inspiration I have gained since reading some of the wonderful blogs out there. People are so generous with their time and talents, freely sharing their ideas, tips and amazing work. Whilst I know that as a total newbie to it all it will be a long time (if ever) before my work will be comparable to the things I see on other blogs, at least via my own blog I can do a couple of fabric giveaways or suchlike as a roundabout way of saying thanks.

So anyway, I am not planning on posting very often - as and when the mood takes me and time permits me to - but I will keep this blog ticking over with bits and bobs that I sew and make.

This is the quilt I am making at the moment for my two sons to share.

My eldest plans on using it to snuggle under on the sofa and my baby will be using it to roll around on! It is the second quilt top I have made but will be the first one I will complete as my eldest son is getting impatient! I have been following the quilt along hosted by Oh Fransson. Elizabeth is such a talented lady - her quilts are amazing and her quilt along easy to follow. My quilt top is done and I am now making the back.

It is not perfect by any means - it is wonky in places and the seams and corners don't all match, but I am very proud of it! My aim is to get the back finished this weekend before the not small task of my first big basting and quilting session. So that's it - I have a blog!

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  1. what a beautiful quilt! You did a great job. Congratulations on your new blog :)